Vacuum and Compound Gauges

Our comprehensive range of vacuum gauges is designed to provide precise measurements of vacuum (negative pressure) in inches of mercury. These gauges cover a wide spectrum of pressure ranges, from -30 inHG to 0, 15, 30, 60, or 160 PSI, catering to diverse industrial needs. Available in dial sizes ranging from 1 ½” to 4”, our vacuum gauges can be mounted at the center back or lower (bottom) positions, offering flexibility in installation. They are filled with glycerin oil for optimal performance, ensuring accurate readings even in demanding environments. Additionally, we offer compound gauges, also known as "boost" gauges, to accommodate varying pressure requirements. These gauges are available in both glycerin oil-filled and dry utility versions, providing versatility to suit different applications. Ordering is simple - just select your preferred style (liquid-filled or dry), mount type, dial size, and pressure range from our list of options. Each gauge is identified by a unique part number followed by a dash and a “V” designation, with the number after the "V" representing the positive pressure range for compound gauges. For example, "PB204L-V00" denotes a 2” vacuum gauge, glycerin-filled, with a lower mount and ¼” NPT connection, measuring from -30 inHG to 0 PSI. Products ending with "V15" represent a pressure range of -30 inHG to 15 PSI. Trust in our vacuum gauges to deliver accurate and reliable performance for your industrial applications.

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