Brass Needle Valves

A brass control valve with a small opening which allows for great precision and constant flow rate. We have 1/4" size and 600 PSI brass needle valves available.

DirectMaterial is proud to offer a top-tier selection of brass needle valves, crafted for durability and precision. Our brass needle valves are ideal for a wide range of applications, especially in systems involving gas flow. The quality of these valves ensures reliable performance when controlling and regulating gas flow, making them a preferred choice for gas needle valve applications.

Furthermore, our brass needle valves excel in flow control. The brass needle valve flow control design is meticulously engineered to offer precise management of fluid dynamics, which is essential in various industrial and commercial settings. Each valve offers a blend of strength and precision—a hallmark of DirectMaterial's commitment to quality.

Opt for our brass needle valves to experience a combination of durability, precision, and reliability. 

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