Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless steel ball valves have a hollow, perforated, or pivoting ball to control the flow of water, oil, gas, or other compatible fluids. We carry a variety of quarter turn ball valves. You’ll find the stainless ball valves you need in our large inventory, in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 4".

As steel ball valve suppliers to agricultural, petrochemical, beverage and brewery, and water utility and plumbing industries, we know our customers’ various needs and strive to have the stainless steel ball valves they need in stock and ready to ship. These valves are durable and versatile. They’re capable of controlling the flow of watery or viscous fluids or gases used in chemical processes for manufacturing or energy. Stainless ball valves are resistant to corrosion and can endure high temperatures and pressure.

Quarter-turn ball valves help prevent leaks. When a pipe leaks liquid or gas, it’s not only dangerous, but it’s also expensive and wasteful. Find the stainless ball valves you need here at Direct Material today.

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