Our Story

Ron Yiu, CEO of DuraChoice Co., spent many years as a business consultant prior to purchasing DuraChoice. He helped streamline more than 300 businesses, and made many international deals possible. As a business consultant, Ron realized many businesses he worked with had problems with financial management, organizational structure and marketing. This was a pattern he analyzed heavily and sought to fix.

Ron was consulting with an industrial company that was publicly-traded in Malaysia, and had been seeking to expand into the U.S. market. This company had its own factories, and had started making inroads to the United States; however, its parent company, began having financial difficulties eventually forcing them to pull out of their long-time investment. It was at this time Ron saw an opportunity. Ron finally had the chance to switch gears, and get into a new market with a huge opportunity to really make a difference with the many problems he saw from companies as a business consultant. Ron took that leap of faith, and partnered with three factories to get started, and gain the industrial knowledge that was needed to match his already successful business know-how.

DuraChoice Co. started in 2004, and had already been manufacturing parts for major companies in North America and in Europe for many years. The products were high quality with a name brand, but the manufacturers never had their own brand until then. DuraChoice’s main business is manufacturing; however, that is just one part of our business. With all the opportunities available with distribution systems, online purchasing, and an abundance of  industrial buyers, we knew we could be one step ahead in this market. Therefore, “Fulfilling the need, and finding a niche.”

As of 2019, we have over ten different factories, including the three original factories which manufacture our stainless steel, brass and instrumentation. We have seen many growth opportunities along the way, and taken them under the DuraChoice brand. Such as being able to offer you options like lead-free brass, high pressure, steel fittings, and many more. There is no ceiling to where we can go, as this is a multi-billion dollar industry. We expect at least 50% growth per year with a focus to push harder, and achieve 100% per year.

Since we are a small company, we use a market-driven approach along with listening to our customers needs. If you do not see a product you need on our website, please do not hesitate to call us, so we can possibly order it or even get it custom made for you. We love our customers, we love our market, and we are responsible for whatever we do. Whenever something goes wrong we take responsibility, and we always stand behind what we do. We believe in creativity and innovation so we can solve problems, not only for us, but for our customers as well. We will always try to do more than people expect. It is in our Core Values and that is also how we keep our customers happy. We will do whatever it takes to complete what should be and could be done, sometimes more, but never less.