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What do thermowells do? Thermowells work as a sort of second skin to protect thermometers from adverse conditions, such as corrosion or via a hollow tube where the thermometer fits (1/4” Diameter). It’s closed on one side, and it transfers heat or cold from the medium being tested. Thermowells are installed permanently before a process begins. When installed, they allow for the thermometer to be removed without creating a leak in pressure or contaminating the process. They are perfect for home brewing or any other food/beverage operation, as well as many other industrial applications up to 1000 PSI. Stainless Steel 304 and 316 Our thermowells are made of the highest quality stainless steel 316 or stainless steel 304. They both offer resistance against corrosion. However, 316 stainless steel can be better for instances where the material being used contains phosphoric or sulfurous acids. You can buy stainless steel thermowells on this page, they are available in the sizing rang

Thermowells safeguard your sensitive equipment. They stand between the thermowell probe and harsh industrial environments. They ensure that stress on the measuring instrument doesn’t affect readings. This results in accuracy without the risk of damage to the thermometers nestled within them. With a thermowell fitting from our collection, you get reliable temperature readings without worrying about potential damage to your sensitive thermometer. These thermometer shields are barriers that endure high-pressure, corrosive, or high-velocity conditions. Our thermowells protect your thermometers so that they can do their job of providing you with accurate temperature readings to monitor your industrial processes. Don't leave your temperature measurements to chance; fortify them with our top-tier thermowells today.

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