Carbon Steel Needle Valves

A carbon steel valve with a tapered pin to gradually open and close a space for constant flow rate. We carry a range of sizes from 1/4" to 1" for our carbon steel needle valves.

At DirectMaterial, we offer exceptional carbon steel needle valves that we engineered for reliability and strength in demanding applications. Our carbon steel needle valves are specifically designed to withstand high pressure, making them an ideal choice for systems where durability and performance are critical. These high-pressure needle valves are not only robust but also provide precise control, making them essential in various industrial settings.

Our range also includes specialized flow control needle valves. These valves are perfect for applications requiring meticulous flow regulation, ensuring accurate and efficient control. Made with the highest-quality carbon steel, our needle valves are synonymous with longevity and precision.

Choose DirectMaterial for your valve requirements and experience unparalleled quality and functionality. 

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